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Lead Testing

Compass Inspectors have the experience needed to identify potential sources of lead in your home or commercial property. Lead was used in paint products up until 1978, and it is safe to assume any home or commercial property built prior to 1978 will contain lead. We are familiar with the most common products that have been known to contain lead, and will share any safety concerns with you in our detailed, easy to read reports.

Common Lead Hazard Areas

  • Interior/Exterior Windows & Window Frames

  • Doors & Door Frames

  • Kitchen & Bath Cabinets

  • Stairs, Railings & Banisters

  • Interior Walls

  • Baseboards

  • Porches & Fences

  • Exterior Siding

  • Garages

  • Water

Health Risks

When lead is ingested, humans are subject to lead poisoning.  Over prolonged periods of time, the lead poisoning can increase and intensify.  The symptoms of lead poisoning in children can include one or more of the following: Brain and/or nervous system damage, Learning disabilities, behavioral and physical problems, severe headaches and more.  Adults are also susceptible for lead poisoning and some symptoms include: Nervous system disorders, high blood pressure, muscle and joint pain, concentration and memory problems, reproductive problems, and difficulties with pregnancies.

For more information about Lead in paint, dust, soil or water please visit: 

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