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Mold Inspections for New York & Connecticut

We perform three basic different types of Mold Testing and Mold Inspections in New York and Mold Testing in Connecticut 

Mold Air Testing: (Our Most Requested Package) 

We will take one or two (depending on weather and wind conditions) exterior air samples, one air sample from the basement or first floor and one air sample from the HVAC system (if the home has hot air heat). The fee typically does not include any inspection or surface testing at all, just mold air testing. If desired mold swab tests or additional air samples can be taken and tested for mold for additional cost each while we are on site. 

Mold Surface Testing: 

Take three mold test surface samples with swabs. Total fee for listed service various for each inspection . Additional swab mold tests are additional cost each. No inspection or air testing are included.

Full Mold Screen Inspection with Further Sampling: 

Inspect the exterior of the building such as the roof from ground level or eaves or walk the roof if it accessible from our 12' ladder and it is safe to do so, the roof covering, roof drainage system, including gutters and downspouts, vents, flashings, skylights, chimneys, and any other roof penetrations, the cladding, flashing and trim, exterior doors, windows, decks, stoops, steps, stairs, porches, railings, eaves, soffits and fascias, grading surrounding the building perimeter and items that penetrate the exterior siding or covering materials. 

On the inside we will inspect the basement, foundation, crawl spaces and structure for ventilation issues and for moisture intrusion. 

We will inspect components and parts of mechanical systems such as the heating, cooling and ventilation including the air handler, circulating fan, and air filter, condensate pump, readily visible ductwork, a representative number of supply and return air registers, central humidifier and the central air conditioning unit. 

We will inspect parts of the plumbing system such as the main water line; visible water supply lines; visible drain, waste, and vent pipes; water heater, and fixtures such as toilets, faucets, showers and tubs 

We will also inspect the attic, ventilation, insulation, framing and sheathing. the interior walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows, ventilation in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry as well as whole house ventilation fans. 

In addition to inspecting the above items (included) we will: 

Take one or two (depending on weather and wind conditions) exterior air samples, one air sample from the basement or first floor and one air sample from the HVAC system (if you have hot air heat). If areas of suspected mold growth are found we will show them to you and provide you with our input as to how many swab samples should be taken and sample them for additional cost each. 

While many odors smell "like mold" and look "like mold" the only way to tell if they are actually mold and to determine if they are a toxic mold is to perform testing. 

We are equipped to take mold samples in case a visual non invasive home inspection discovers the need for further evaluation and testing. The color of mold (black mold, green mold, white mold) is not an indication of exactly what the problem is.

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