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Thermal Imaging Inspection

Compass Home Inspectors uses Thermal Imaging is one of our tools to detect hidden issues during a home inspection. Thermal Imaging is one of our tools to detect hidden issues during a home inspection. Thermal imaging has now been in place for a number of years within the building industry and has been used to find problems with building material. 

  • Hidden water leaks

  • Leaks within the HVAC system

  • General plumbing leaks and faulty electrical and mechanical systems.

Compass Home Inspectors Westchester uses Thermal Imaging is one of our tools to detect hidden issues during a home inspection. 

Roof Issues basement issues:

Roof leaks can cause mold growth and major issues in the attic area. Basement issues are more common in older homes in Westchester NY the use of thermal imaging can find basement issues. The cost of energy in New York is at an all-time high and rising. Thermal imaging inspections are useful for energy audits in Westchester NY because you can see exactly where cold air is entering the home or heat is being lost, along with energy dollars.

Electrical Issues:

Thermal imaging has also been used successfully to help locate loose electrical connections or overheated breaker boxes by identifying “hot spots”. Some electrical panels used even up to 2011 have been recalled or found defective and infared scan can detect defective circuit breakers. 

Mold Issues and Indoor air quality:

The Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry has made significant strides in the use of this outstanding technology as a way to provide accurate and reliable results during investigations. In fact, it has been determined that the proper use of this technology can increase accuracy and help cut investigation time significantly. 

Thanks to thermal imaging, Compass Inspectors have the ability to examine roofs, floors and walls for moisture intrusions, energy loss and electrical problems faster and more thoroughly For your home inspection.

While infrared does not specifically detect mold, it does provide Inspectors with the distinct advantage of quickly and accurately identifying conditions where mold typically grows. 

Thermal imaging cameras have quickly become the “must have tool” for IAQ Professionals. Not only is this sophisticated technology is used in every Compass mold inspection, it is also used in every post-remediation verification survey to ensure that building materials have been thoroughly dried out before any reconstruction work begins. If construction materials are not completely dry, mold growth will reoccur. Infrared technology eliminates the guesswork and provides quick visual assessment of the thoroughness of dry out job.

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